Our very own and ‘must attend’ corporate connect event that happens every quarter. Nirvana Café is our way of interacting with industry captains and experts who have a lot to share on the trends and crisis happening in their industries and sectors.As a consulting firm, our knowledge base happens to be our very own clients - and what better way to enlighten ourselves than meet them once in a while over a cup of coffee in an informal setting – ensuring it’s a short duration get-together while being mutually impactful! Nirvana Café has become a mini ‘think tank’ where we have professionals from across domains – iscussing, sharing and contemplating on a range of subjects that are currently (or potentially) impacting workforce. The best practices are benchmarked as quick wins for organizations in the form of a complimentary advisory from Nirvana Mindz. To get yourself added to our upcoming café networks or to know more on trending café topics, drop us a line at divya@nirvanamindz.com

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Multi Gender Inclusivity

Nirvana Mindz launched its maiden café conversations in March 2019. Nirvana Café is an approach to connect and establish a dialogue with industry experts and leaders who are experiencing trends that are impacting current workforce or has the potential to impact the future of workforce. With Article 377 of the constitution being revoked in India, we wanted to start the conversation with India Inc on their readiness towards the third gender and multi gender orientation as a recognized culture.

  • 1. How is their HR strategy geared to making a gender-neutral workforce ?
  • 2. What are the best practices globally ?
  • 3. What are the benchmarks in India ?

We had guests from PRESPL, BDO Global, The Courtyard Day care and Preschool, Antarang Foundation, Insist Search & Selection and independent HR consultants and Business owners.

Collaborating with Artificial Intelligence

Technology is the means to our lives and there is not much of an option to stay away from it. Our second café focused on hearing technocrats and experts from the Healthcare and Education space to give insights on how technology is changing the very nature of their sectors and how it can be leveraged in the context of human labor?

  • 1. Is technology a threat or a boon for human labour ?
  • 2. How is technology being leveraged across organizations for better productivity ?
  • 3. What are some of the benchmarks in leading industries ?

Our guests were from SME Chambers of commerce, Clix Capital, Metropolis Healthcare, Shemaroo Entertainment, The courtyard day care and preschool, RGF Executive search and Fish-eye Innovation Lab.

Educating the Mind

Nirvana Mindz hosted a closed group café for the FICCI Flo ladies wing of the Pune chapter in association with Artsphere, Pune in Sep 2019.

Mental health taking center stage in recent times with organizations and institutions realizing its importance towards productivity and team building – we designed a café exclusively for the members of FICCI Flo, Pune.

  • 1. The café meet was attended by city entrepreneurs, academicians and health care experts who are working or have contributed immensely in the space.
  • 2. Individual perspectives Vs Team expectations ?
  • 3. Goals Vs Individual aspirations ?
  • 4. Coping mechanisms and much more came out from the multi dimensional topic of ‘Educating the Mind’

Work Life Integration

The year 2019 ended with a thought-provoking café titled “Work life Integration”

The café was attended by Business leaders, HR Heads and subject matter experts who discussed and deliberated on possibilities of work-life harmony.

  • 1. Starting with personal priorities and then replicating the same across spheres of influence
  • 2. How Does HR drive well-being in an organization
  • 3. Circles of Influence
  • 4. Identifying potential and purpose
  • We had senior management representation from Bharti Axa, ANZ, NIIFIFL, Arthan Finance, Courtyard day care and Preschool, Samaksh consulting & Never Grow up .